ENG  Hello my dear! Yesterday I had day off and enjoyed very lovely day exploring small german town, which is only 1 hour to drive from Switzerland! We had +33 outside and I was in doubt what to wear to feel comfortable but still  looking stylish when I will be back to the city. So I decided to wear layers – simple white t-shirt with off the shoulders chiffon dress. Plus comfy floral sandals. And my new very very pretty backpack!

Actually I was looking for one new backpack in Zara, but exactly this time Universe had heard me and sent this great opportunity – British brand The Cambridge Satchel Company contacted me for collaboration!

They have so many pretty bags, which are very unique and stylish, so it was difficult to choose only one =) But I knew I need exactly backpack, so I immediately have found this beauty . And next 20 minutes were thinking about color, because other colors are also looking amazing! Mine calls “neon blue” and I absolutely in love with it!

And why exactly this one?

  1. Petite ladies need something compact to look not overwhelmed
  2. I already have sporty backpack, so I decided for more elegant, which looking casually easy wore as backpack, and can be used also as feminine purse for the office style
  3. Summer calling for brights, so happy mediterranean shade looks very gorgeous with all my black and white outfits! and actually no matter with which color, in summer we are allowed to mix and match 😉
  4. I have very narrow shoulders and all my bags are simply dropping down in less than 2 minutes walking, if you don’t know this problem I tell you -it is really annoying…So, this elegant bag is really a great solution for me!!!

Thank you once more, @camsatchelco , it was my big pleasure to discover such an amazing well priced and stylish brand! By the way, loves, my cute backpack and other bags are on big summer sale right know,  check it to find your dream bag!







  1. Fatlinda 23.06.2017 / 00:28

    Omg Inna! ?
    This backpack is so gorgeous.
    The color is so special.
    It looks comfortable & elegant at the same time.
    I just loved it.
    Enjoy your new backpack dear! ❤

    • Inna O. 01.07.2017 / 16:45

      Thank you so much my dear! Great to know it is very unique – no one similar in the city! 😉 Many kisses!

  2. Julia Pepper 23.06.2017 / 10:42

    Моя красавица, какой фантастический фото сет, я без ума от этого голубого рюкзачка, он очень тебе идет, шикарный яркий акцент в этот роскошный ч/б летний образ!!!! А шляпа какая !!!! Ну просто ВАУ !!!!
    Так интересно, вроде бы удобно комфортно, но смотрится роскошно, весь образ целостный и стильный, ты могла бы куда-угодно поехать так и чувствовать себя на все 100%

    Прекрасной пятницы и выходных
    Обнимаю )))

    • Inna O. 01.07.2017 / 16:41

      Спасибо, Юльчик, за “целостный” – это самый отличный комплимент!!! Замечательных тебе выходных!

  3. Ines 27.06.2017 / 18:29

    Adorable bag! Perfectly paired with that beautiful dress!! Love it babe! Xo Ines

  4. Martina 10.07.2017 / 15:18

    Liebe Inna, es ist meistens so, dass man solche Teile trägt, in denen sich man wohl fühlt und welche dem persönlichen Geschmack entsprechen. Ich bin beispielsweise eine Frau die Rucksäcke nicht häufig trägt aber dir steht der hübsche blaue Eyecatcher wunderbar, weil du einen Flair dafür hast und siehst somit authentisch aus. Eine tolle Idee und Kombi! Lieben Gruß, Martina

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