ENG Hello my dear! Today finally I have found time to tell you small story about one of the most famous and  beautiful swiss attractions which TripAdvisor  included into Top 10 Must Visit Places in SwitzerlandChillon Castle, or Chàteau de Chillon in french.

This stunning romantic castle is situated in the french part of Switzerland, Montreux. Historical details you can get  HERE, it is already well written before me =) And all important info and more beautiful pics is on the website of castle.  I will tell just my impressions and some travel tips.

So, this trip was planned for my birthday by my dear husband,  he knows that I adore everything about architecture, Middle ages and especially castles!  It was short week-end escape with one night in the luxury hotel just to have over look at Montreux itself (about this lovely place i ll write another post)  and as main attraction to visit a castle (with tons of amazing pics of course! I wanted so much to practice my new Canon babe).

We went from Zürich in the morning, it took about 4 hours to drive, checked in to the hotel in late afternoon and went to enjoy sunny +15  outside walking along Geneva Lake. I show you below couple of pics that you can imagine how lovely was the weather!…View from hotels balcony where I showing the castle – so clear to see it!…

But everything changed next morning.

We woke up in the dream like place – beautiful 5***** room, Geneva Lake and Swiss Alps outside , I pictured our empty champaign bottle for memories =) And then fairy tale was over – mountains simply dissapered in the FOG…It came from other side of the lake and swallowed our gorgeous view like an  ash of Vesuvius Pompeu…Shock!

I had a last hope driving towards the castle, but with every meter was absolutely clear that tons of colorful pics will stay only in my dreams – castle was safety сovered by ominous fog.. Tja!

So, it was february  and you are warned now how changeable weather can be over there! And of course fog came not alone, but with very unpleasant wet COLD. Ufff! It took about 2 hours to run very quickly across all 50(!) rooms of Castle with a break in the coffee shop (oh, how happy we were to discover it there!)

What can I tell you in the end – in any case Chillon Castle was absolutely gorgeous, fog made it very mysterious, and now I own very seldom foggy pics of this Castle! Google it, you will understand =)

Thank you for reading loves! Good night!




RU  скоро допишу на русском!







  1. Ines 01.05.2017 / 00:54

    Beautiful photos my dear! I heard about that castle and about Montreaux, famous for its amazing views of Lake Geneva!! I´m reading your post from Lisbon, here visiting my family, looking at your beautiful photos and I´m thinking…”lately I’ve missing europe so much”!! Waiting for your next post! Xoxo Ines

    • Inna O. 02.05.2017 / 13:21

      Thank you so much dear Ines! Lisbon is very amazing destination too, once we have to visit it too because already all our friends did! Hope you enjoyed the sun and family time, many kisses!

  2. Jasmin 02.05.2017 / 16:13

    Hi Inna,
    hope you had a great weekend! In Germany was a public holiday yesterday and therefore I could enjoy a free day.
    Wow!!! Really love castles very much and Chateau Chillon is amazing, especially in this foggy scenery.
    You took great shots my dear and you look beautiful as always :-*
    Wanted to go to this castle at the Easter weekend but I was so busy that I only stayed at Basel and visited friends there.
    Have a great evening my friend :-*

    • Inna O. 02.05.2017 / 19:43

      Yes, I enjoy free days too! Hope you can visit this Castle once, and in a bright sunny weather!

    • Inna O. 02.05.2017 / 19:38

      Thank you for supporting babe! Have a lovely evening!

    • Inna O. 03.05.2017 / 00:23

      Thank you Susanne for your warm comment! Any time welcome here!!!

  3. Kathi 03.05.2017 / 14:32

    such a pitty, but the fog creates a very mystical atmosphere and it looks like a film set 🙂 Í hope you enjoyed your stay despite the bad weather conditions?!
    I think you will need to come back in summer 😉
    Love Kathi

    • Inna O. 04.05.2017 / 15:27

      Haha, thats I told too – Castle, we will be back!¨¨=))) Kisses my dear Kathi!

  4. Martina 04.05.2017 / 08:23

    Liebe Inna, Montreux und Château de Chillon gehört in der Schweiz definitiv zu den schönsten Orten und sind absolut besichtigungswert. Ich finde es so toll, dass wir beide als Ausländerinnen die gleiche Örter lieben oder bewundern. Der Schloss wirkt etwas geheimnisvoll, dagegen die kleine Stadt Montreux ist wie eine Perle am Ufer vom Genfersee. Danke für diese Post. Lieben Gruß, Martina

    • Inna O. 04.05.2017 / 15:23

      Thank my dear Martina! Switzerland is amazing – there are so many historical objects everywhere, omg, I feel i need many years to visit them all!!!

    • Inna O. 04.05.2017 / 17:57

      Than you babe! yes, I trust TripAdvisor 100% Kisses and have a lovely evening!!!

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