ENG   Do you wear yellow color, loves? Or you like it and would wear, but still just scrolling down pics on Pinterest with very skeptical face expression? So I did, not so far, only one year ago. I always found  yellow such a nice happy colour which brings ray of sunshine to every outfit , but I was constantly told that it washes me out.  And after many experiments and not successful attempts I finally found the secret of choosing right yellow!

All you need is to find your own shade of yellow! Key word here is «shade».  It is not correct to tell «yellow doesn’t suit me». The right sentence sounds like » I still didn’t find my right shade of yellow»

Now attention to this Pinterest pic

Omg, all these are YELLOWS my dear! So, if before you had imagination about yellow only as «lemony yellow» or «corn yellow», you have to add now mustard, butter, canary, banana and many many others =)

The second step is to understand description of each colour, which generally includes 3 important сharacteristics, like: light/dark, clear/muted, warm/cold. Actually they are more complicated, but I don’t want to scare you with professional definitions. In the case you are familiar with colouristic and something like Itten`s color wheel, it will be very easy for you (and maybe you don’t need this post at all! =)

Light/dark pair is very easy: «banana» will be light (has a lot of white), and «mustard» will be dark (contains a lot of black).

Warm/cold: «lemon» popping here with it`s greenish undertone and less than others reminds warm sunshine, so it will be cold yellow. Kind of neon artifisial light.

Clear/muted:   clear you can call a popping colour, which optically feels like light, bright, with no grey in it (not muted) — happy tropical or asian colours. Muted will be more dull,  feels slightly dusty — like shabby chic in lighter shades or autumn forest in darker earthy colors.  «Daffodil», «butter», «dandelion» on this pic are clear, and «canary», «flaxen», «dijon» are muted.

Step #3  Now all listed above colours characteristics you can attach  to yourself!

Are you very Light colored person (skin, hair, eyes are light) ? Take lighter yellows, which will not overwhelm your delicate natural coloration.  Are you medium, dark/intense/contrasting  coloured? Take darker or more saturated shades, because light shades will feel not enough on you, like «ok, but she deserves more».  Are you warm? (golden, peachy, chestnut , red)  Almost whole palette is for you! Cold? (Brown/orange  make-up making you ill) — your yellow is closer to green, both light or saturated ones!  Clear (also very contrasting like very light skin and dark hair/eyebrows) — white of your eyes is very popping out and slightly blue, very fair skin tone which reflects radiance (you getting often compliments «oh, you are looking so fresh!») — you can gorgeously wear the brightest of bright yellows which other people will always avoid.  Muted — opposite, take less popping, not so loud pure pigmented colors.

Last characteristic clear/muted can be complicated for understanding, so I recommend you for beginning stick only with first two.

And now some helpful practical examples, you can train your eyes for recognizing undertones:













Still not sure which one you should try  for  flattering effect? Go easy way — pick any one you like for accessories or wear it far from the face as skirt or pants! Another secret  option — to wear it with sunnies and hat,  or in the evening with contrasting make up — then you don’t need to care  if it flatters you or not like under clear day light  😉

What about my yellow I am wearing? Because I have  very very fair and slightly cold  skin, very clear cold eyes white and middle/high natural contrast (light skin and very dark eyebrows), I am using all light till medium very bright yellows. This one on pics bellow is very light and bright, looks like  reflecting light that you even see some white shade over my sweater. And  if you compare colour on that pic with colorful chears around, you can immediately notice that my yellow is greenish cold.

Are you  still in mood to don’t give up and continue searching your right yellow? Please do it! In the right yellow no matter if you slept less or feeling not well, you will always get compliments! And the right compliment will be not  like «Wow, gorgeous yellow blouse!» (hehe, blouse is here, what about you?), but «Wow, you looking so good!» ( because colour just in harmony with your natural coloration and it only highlights your face without taking attention to itself).

Happy  shopping!


And thank you for reading, loves, hope I was helpful! 




  1. Filipa 26.05.2017 / 14:02

    This post was so helpful my dear! You’re right, the trick is to find your own Shade of yellow! I have such a light skin and sometimes I have seeing myself wearing certain colors, specially during the winter when i look super pale. I’m definitely going to try your tips. Loving your photos, your outfit is super stylish. That yellow top looks perfect with those jeans 🙂

    • Inna O. 29.05.2017 / 00:14

      Thank you dear Filipa! my pale friend =) Before I was always tanned — whole year round, and only after professional color analysis session discovered how beautiful my natural pale skin in the right colors!

  2. Julia Pepper 26.05.2017 / 22:23

    Моя дорогая какой прекрасный пост !!! Браво !!! Столько полезной информации и я уже начинаю любить жёлтый 😉😉😉 Ну или один из вариантов желтого !
    Мне очень нравитс твой топ и цвет именно такой как надо 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Отличных выходных дорогая

    • Inna O. 28.05.2017 / 23:58

      Спасибо моя красотка! Вот я лентяйка, в следующий раз постараюсь не лениться и напишу на русском 😉

  3. Martina 28.05.2017 / 14:13

    Liebe Inna, ich danke dir bestens für diesen Artikel. Ich habe in In Style schon auch ein Paar Tipps «How to wear yellow» gelesen aber deine Informationen sind viel ausführlicher, einfach besser und super hilfreich. Ich bin kein Fan von Gelb aber wenn ich eine Nuance wählen würde wäre es «Banana» Farbe. Du hast den richtigen Geldnot für dich gefunden und siehst wunderbar darin!!! Beste Grüsse, Martina

  4. Mio 30.05.2017 / 14:31

    Hi Ina, great post! Very detailed and helpful 💛You look gorgeous in yellow 😘

    • Inna O. 30.05.2017 / 20:02

      Thank you darling, I am happy you liked it! Kisses!

  5. Kathi 31.05.2017 / 13:00

    Inna, I love your whole look! The cute sweater with all the lovely patches and the embroided denim *-*
    I have already three yellow dresses and two shirts. I love them for the summer. the cool lemon tone is my favourite it matches very good with blonde hair 😉
    Love Kathi

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